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Miko the Perfectly Imperfect Pug

Madie was a beautiful girl
Blue eyes, freckles and blonde hair with curls.

She was always happy and smiled a ton.
She would sing every day to the morning sun.

Her legs were weak but her spirit was strong,
That’s why she sang her most favorite song.

I’m as strong as the sun and as big as the sky.
There is nothing that I cannot do.

I love to dream big and give things a try.
I hope you dream big, too!



Fearless with Finley

Each night, Finley and her family slept outside and
the darkness of the night would begin to creep in.

Finley would get a little frightened, snuggle
in between her parents and let out a quiet little whimper.

Her parents would always say to her
“It’s Ok Finley. Always remember, you are
fearless. You are strong. You are brave.”


Make a Wish with Marley

Charley and Marley walked to the park every day. They loved having a special picnic together. They would enjoy a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Charley always saved the crust for Marley. They loved sharing everything.

After finishing their lunch, Charley and Marley would throw a coin in the wishing well. Charley always made a wish for a new video game or his favorite candy bar but Marley didn’t wish for a game or a treat. She wished to always come to the wishing well and to always be with Charley.