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Miko the Perfectly Imperfect Pug

Miko the Perfectly Imperfect Pug is a light-hearted story that is meant to inspire and encourage children. Maddie is a strong spirited young girl in a wheelchair. She wakes up every morning singing her favorite song, “I’m as strong as the sun, as big as the sky. There is nothing that I cannot do.” Maddie loves going to the animal shelter. Here at the shelter, Maddie meets her perfect match, Miko. 

Fearless with Finley

Fearless with Finley is a powerful story that inspires children to discover their inner superhero. Finley is an adorable giant poodle–and–Saint Bernard mix who encourages her puppy friends to believe in themselves. “I am fearless. I am strong. I am brave” is the powerful mantra repeated throughout this inspirational story. This book guides children to overcome common childhood fears, such as being afraid of the dark and bullying.

Make a Wish with Marley

Make a Wish with Marley is a heartwarming tale about a young boy and his love for his dog. There is no friendship greater than the friendship between Charley and Marley. They have a very special bond that cannot be broken. Join them on their beautiful friendship journey. “Together forever, me and you / Together forever, our wishes come true” are lines from their favorite song to sing together. Charley and his love for Marley create a legacy of blessings.